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General  Resources:

Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) (Right to Asylum in Art 14)

1951 Refugee Convention and Protocol

1984 Declaration of Cartagena on Refugees (expands the “Refugee” definition of the 1951 Convention. 

Click to access 1984_cartagena_declaration_on_refugees.pdf

“In Safety and Dignity”- Addressing large movements of Refugees and Migrants UN Report April 2016

UN New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants (2016)

Venezuelan related- Resources and material 

Report on Legal aspects of assistance to Venezuelan indigenous migrants in Brazil (IOM Brazil) 

Material and resources about seeking asylum in Norway 

Information about the process to seek asylum  in Norway (In Spanish) 

Click to access Brosjyre-Asylprosessen-Spansk_web.pdf

Norwegian Organization for asylum seekers (provides legal support and advise to asylum seekers)


Immigration’s Appeal Board

Chapter of the Immigration Law on asylum

Chapter of the Immigration Law on Humanitarian Considerations

UNEs Annual Report

Click to access aarsrapport-une-2017.pdf

About Legal framework and Practice of detention of asylum seekers in Norway

Click to access Detention-of-asylum-seekers_2014.pdf

Organizations that offer legal help to Asylum seekers (and immigrants in general)

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