Venezuelan Repressive Regime could win a seat at the United Nations Humans Rights Council

By Sonia Zapata

Think of a country whose ruler persecutes, #tortures, imprisons and kills thousands of innocent people; denies humanitarian help, foods and medicines to the ill and the poor; forces millions of people, including vulnerable #indigenous communities,  to leave their land; destroys natural parks and the #environment triggering death and devastation all throughout. 

Now imagine a world where those rulers are actually allowed to run for a seat at the most “respected” multilateral Human Rights organization. 

This is no fiction. This is real. The ruler is #Maduro, the country is #Venezuela and the Organization is the U.N. Human Rights Council. It’s our world and it will happen in the Council elections in October UNLESS we do something about it. Let’s make our voices heard! Please share with these tags: 

#NOaMaduroEnElCDH #MaduroEsMuerte #MaduroisRepression #MaduroisTorture #MaduroisaDictator

A protester lies on the ground while the National Guard prepares to shoot during an opposition rally against the Dictatorship of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in Caracas, on Feb. 12 2014 (Leo Ramirez/ AFP)

It is hard to believe that something like this could happen. But the Dictator is still able to buy countries and consciences.

Will U.N. member countries allow this?

Will the world sit and watch how a tyrant accused of crimes against humanity who denies humanitarian help to millions of people in need takes part in the world’s highest Human Rights body?

Please SIGN and SHARE this link with the petition from UN Watch to help us stop this:

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