The Amazonas is burning yes, but not only on Bolsonaro’s side or watch!

We need to stop the Double Standards and address challenges with a genuine agenda of changing the
world for the best and not fall victims of trendy propaganda meant only for political purposes.

A common threat Latin Americans are increasingly victims of is the “politicization” by other countries
outside the Region and notably in Europe, of fundamental issues affecting us in many areas.
In the field of Human Rights, Democracy and Civil Liberties we see a sharp contrast between firm
condemnations against abuses when these are perceived to be committed by “Right-wing” governments
(Bolsonaro, Duque, Macri) and the complicit silence when they are perceived to be committed by “left”
rulers and dictators (Maduro, Castro, Ortega).
This week we are reminded of the horrific vulnerability of the Amazonia and the speed at which we are
losing it. A very sad and worrying reality. But an additional sad reality for us is to see how this is used for
political propaganda to attack some politicians (Bolsonaro in Brazil) and not others who are responsible
of this and other environmental crimes. Below are links to a couple of interesting articles with hard facts
to put things in perspective.
According to one of these articles, while it is correct that there has been an increase in fires of 80% this
year (2019) compared to last year (2018), this year’s level is 7% lower than the average in the last 10 years. In fact, the below chart shows that fire levels were higher in all years between 2002 and 2007:

In Norway, platform organizations that claim solidarity with Latin America such as “Latin-Amerikagruppene i Norge” should start treating these issues holistically and with a view to assist with practical solutions instead of using these tragedies as a political or ideological tool to defend false
revolutions and ideological causes.

The Norwegian Venezuelan Justice Alliance; 23/08/19

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