Join Us for a Special Evening with Film Director Margarita Cadenas

About the Event

Friday June 8th, 17:00 at Lakkegata 53, Sundtkvartalet Oslo


Right after the screening, we will discuss with director Margarita Cadenas the many challenges and risks of filming and producing this documentary in a highly repressive environment. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear these stories first hand from the filmmaker.


About the Film:

France, Venezuela | 2017 | 83 min | Language: Spanish | Subtitles: English

“Women of The Venezuelan Chaos ” by Margarita Cadenas

Five Venezuelan mothers, from different backgrounds and generations, draw a portrait of their country that is facing the worst social, economic and political catastrophe in its history.Extreme food and medicine shortages, skyrocketing crime hand by hand with the impunity, injustice and corruption of a broken justice system, brutally repressed demonstrators and political prisoners behind bars, and a regime trying to hide the truth translates into people’s fear, anger and frustration which grow stronger by the minute.Featuring stunning visuals and creative soundscapes, Women of the Venezuelan Chaos presents a uniquely beautiful country and people, who remain resilient and resourceful despite the immense challenges they face.

Filmmaker Margarita Cadenas used small hidden cameras and microphones to be able to film in hospital corridors and supermarket queues. Hence the intimate appearance of a movie that that does not only state facts -as a journalistic work would- but that aims to alert on the ordeals that the Venezuelan population is facing.

Film Director, Margarita Cadenas
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