The Venezuelan Chaos claims for more tolerance

Last June 8th, we had the pleasure to host in Oslo a screening of the documentary “Women of the Venezuelan Chaos”, with its director Margarita Cadenas. A moving film that closely follows the daily lives and challenges of 5 Venezuelan women and by doing so exposes a country that its collapsing in all senses. The crushing force of a reality that does not spare social or economic class is carefully portrayed and eventhough the film was made in 2016, one is left sadly wondering how can things get any worst (and they do).

A debate moderated by one of our members, Carolina Cabezas, followed the screening. Liv Tørres, Director of the Nobel Peace Center, together with Margarita Cadenas conversed about the making of the film, the Venezuelan situation and how can Venezuelans abroad contribute to a solution. The audience had a chance to ask questions and at the end of the evening one of the main messages that came clearly across was that there are many correct ways to solve challenges and not only one; hence, the crucial importance of tolerance in interacting with each other. Struggling to get our points across and desperate because the deterioration of Venezuela does not wait, we tend to forget that without tolerance for different points of view there is little chance to get out of this mire. Let us keep tolerance a top priority.

Thanks to Margarita Cadenas, Liv Tørres and all of the audience for this enriching experience!!

Margarita Cadenas (to the left) and Liv Tørres conversing after the screening of the film
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