Foro Penal in Norway

Visit of Alfredo Romero, Executive Director of Foro Penal, to Norway

The first days of March we were happy to welcome Alfredo Romero, Executive  Director  of Foro Penal, to Norway. During his busy stay in Oslo, Alfredo Romero spoke about the breakdown of the Rule of Law in Venezuela at a seminar organized by the University of Oslo (NorLarNet), The Norwegian Human Rights Center and our organization.

The panel focused on relevant related topics such as the need of an independent judiciary, the right to peace, and more. We also took the opportunity of Alfredo´s visit to raise our concerns about the human rights violations in Venezuela in meetings with members of the Norwegian Parliament (Stortinget) and with several officials and diplomats of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD).

Alfredo was also invited by Oslo International School (OiS) to speak to the students  of the IB Program and of the UN Model. It was a very participative audience. Students learned about the stories of some Venezuelan political prisoners and how important it is to protect freedom and democracy.

Last but not least, we organized a gathering with members of the Venezuelan community in Oslo and formally opened the chapter of the Foro Penal in Norway which is coordinated by Sonia Zapata and supported by Jose R. Ayala and Carolina Cabezas.

We wish to thank all those who supported us with arranging these meetings and events and all who participated.

Our special thanks go to Benedicte Bull (NorLarNet), Stener Ekern (NHRC), Cecilia Baillet (UiO), Leiv Marsteintredet (CMI), Antulio Rosales (NorLarNet), Alonso Hernández-Pinzón (European Lawyers Foundation), Helen Piene and Paula Romero-Lopez (OiS), and Dag Mork Ulnes (former Norwegian ambassador in Venezuela).

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